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Legal careers do not begin and end at the profession of a lawyer. There are other career options related to the legal profession. The career option we will talk about here is that of paralegal careers. The first question that springs to mind is the simple one that asks us, what is a paralegal? The answer to that is simple. A paralegal is a legal assistant who works under the guidance of a qualified legal representative and performs tasks to assist the work of a legal aid. A paralegal is entrusted with the job of carrying out tasks pertinent to a qualified lawyer’s work. This may be anything from lawful research and investigation on a case, interpret legal decisions, keep in touch with clients of his/her superior and even gathering general information. The things that a paralegal is not allowed to do is practice law in a courtroom and charge a fee for his services unless provided by the firm that employs him/her.

Usually there are people in this world who either have no clue in this world about the profession that is of a paralegal or there are people who don’t have a clue about how to become one. Well the idea here is to give you seven simple steps that will help you find yourself in a position to pursue your career as a paralegal.

Step 1: Look for institutes that allow you to pursue a certified courses related to the profession of a paralegal. These institutes may be few and far between, however if you ask someone like your school guidance counselor they may be able to give you the best possible information on these institutes.

Step 2: Look for a national legal certification on the courses offered by the institutes when it comes to paralegal courses. There may be a situation where lawyers may not accept your qualification merits unless it is a course that is approved of by the national legal authority.

Step 3: Decide on the branch of law you want to work in as a career. Whether you want to be a corporate or criminal lawyer will also determine the course you follow.

Step 4: Visit the short listed schools you have in mind. Look for their facilities and programs before deciding on the school you wish to attend.

Step 5: Attend the Program you are interested in the school of your choice

Step 6: Take up any chance to learn about research online and through computers.

Step 7:  Look for paralegal jobs, that you fit the paralegal job description for.

The moment you get a job your paralegal career has begun. Paralegal salary is usually decent and paralegal requirements for a lawyer are on the up. Soon enough this career option will become popular in its own right. The best part about this career option is since so little people are interested thus far, you will face lesser competition in the whole industry when you are looking for an entry level job. Hopefully these seven steps will get you started on the way towards a paralegal career.

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