Tuesday June 18, 2024

Is Making Partner on Your Career Path?

Most lawyers graduate law school with visions of making partner at a dream law firm. Ideally, they can make this happen in record time; realistically, it might be quite some time – and with a few hard knocks – before it actually comes to fruition. A. Harrison Barnes, who is a lawyer and also the […]

How to Effectively Bill Your Time

When you are looking things like legal jobs or attorney jobs, or when you are looking at how legal jobs can affect you, you will find that you are going to need to look into how you are going to bill your time. Attorney jobs speak a lot about how to make sure that you […]

Your Job, Career, and the Company You Keep

Imagine interviewing a candidate for the position of an attorney if they had a DUI or were driving under influence, or someone who has just completed a prison term under federal laws. There are a lot of job portals offering special financing services. Their job is aimed towards helping people and prospective candidates track down […]