Tuesday April 23, 2024

Legal Secretary Jobs – Tips for Legal Secretaries

Law jobs are the most sought for jobs in the current job market. It is no more considered to be a boring jaw centred merely on a court. In fact a law degree now has hundreds of avenues each more interesting than the other. One of the most preferred ones are that of the famed […]

Paralegal Careers – 7 Steps to Becoming a Paralegal

Legal careers do not begin and end at the profession of a lawyer. There are other career options related to the legal profession. The career option we will talk about here is that of paralegal careers. The first question that springs to mind is the simple one that asks us, what is a paralegal? The […]

Expanding Your Legal Career

Everyone wishes to take their attorney careers to their highest levels. They all want to make their dreams come true which can only be achieved through a bright, successful and rewarding legal career which has moved or rather crossed every step that is required to reach to the final destination of your career. Nobody wishes […]

Legal Careers in an Economic Downturn

It has been observed since ages that people do not ask the right question at the right time. Rather than asking the right question, as per the situation, people end up asking irrelevant questions. The situation that we are in creates our perception and we react accordingly. But we have to make our approach clear […]

What are the Pros and Cons of Appellate Practice?

When you are fighting a legal case then it is first conducted in trial courts. If a party whose case was being conducted in the lower court loses, then they can apply in the higher court – United States Supreme Court and state Supreme Court. Here you need or require the help of an appellate […]

What are the job responsibilities of a Jury Member

A jury member is required to prepare himself to face the most adverse situations in their legal career. A jury member can inquire about policies of a company with regards to the jury duty. There are some companies that compensate the employees who have been summoned as usual. The compensation received by a jury member […]

Bcg Search

BCGSearch has take attorney placement and recruiting far beyond what is expected of people. We all assume a certain level of professionalism and standards but BCGSearch sounds too good to be true. BCGSearch updates legal careers seven days a week throughout the entire year. Not one day goes by when BCGSearch doesn’t find at least […]