Wednesday June 19, 2024

Define the Speed of Light, Please

There are few things in life that are more frustrating or nerve wracking than being asked a question in a job interview that you have absolutely no answer for.  While there’s a chance you may never run into a human resources manager who will put you on the spot, there’s also a good chance you […]

A New Job Description – in an Unlikely Sort of Way

Even in a paperless world, those in the legal profession still must maintain their clients’ confidentiality. That means paperwork must be maintained, even when there’s no room for it on the law firm’s premises. While ideally there is less paper being stored with each passing year, it’s important to remember those files from two, three […]

Who Says the Law Hasn’t Evolved?

Would you put an attorney on retainer if you learned he didn’t have a law degree? Some of the most famous and well respected attorneys throughout American history never stepped foot inside a law school. A. Harrison Barnes, a lawyer (who did attend law school, by the way) and founder of says you might […]

Is Making Partner on Your Career Path?

Most lawyers graduate law school with visions of making partner at a dream law firm. Ideally, they can make this happen in record time; realistically, it might be quite some time – and with a few hard knocks – before it actually comes to fruition. A. Harrison Barnes, who is a lawyer and also the […]

AS400 & Sales Applications Engineer

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Not so Fast – The New Trends in Temporary Work

As soon as the pink slips began making the rounds and shortly after the recession came with many uncertainties, many job seekers discovered the benefits of a temp job. For a lot of people, these were their first experiences with those positions that had predefined time parameters.  In many ways, it felt like a double […]

Going for the Promotion When You Don’t Meet the Qualifications

How many times have we seen a job advertised in the company newsletter and wished to ourselves, “If only I had the right training”? Most of us can relate to that. And most of us can also relate to letting the opportunity pass us by without even really considering it, much less go after it. […]

When it’s Not What You Thought it Would Be

Most of us can relate to accepting a job position, certain that it’s where we’ll end up retiring “one of these days”.  Usually, when the job isn’t what we thought it would be, we can easily begin the process over.  We can keep our resumes current, our eye peeled to the site and hope […]

The Creepy Boss

We’ve all sat around on a Friday evening, over drinks with our friends and played the, “My boss is so creepy he…” game.  While it’s usually all in fun and games, not to mention a great way to unwind after an excruciating week, what happens when the fun and games reveals unethical or even illegal […]

When the Nursing Field Meets the Legal Field

Forensic nursing is still a relatively new career choice, but it’s also a fast growing sector that combines the best of the medical field and the legal field.  Forensic nursing involves some investigatory skills and even pulls from goals not unlike a medical examiner.  The goal is to determine the truth behind suspicious deaths, abuse […]