Tuesday April 23, 2024

What’s So Great About Vermont Law School?

Vermont Law School has consistently ranked high among the best colleges, and especially its Environmental Law Program.  In fact, U.S. News & World Report has kept it ranked in the top two spots for years.  A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder of LegalAuthority.com says it’s not only the largest graduate environmental law program in the […]

The Truth About a Headhunter’s Working Style

Anyone who has ever made a career change or been in the job market has either contacted or considered contacting a headhunter to help them in their job search. The most important thing to understand about headhunters is that there is a broad spectrum of agencies offering a variety of services. Some can be very […]

Selecting the Most Suitable Job Offer

If you have all the capabilities and have proved it by making a good legal job search, presenting the best resume and the cover letter, clearing the most difficult part i.e. the interview and bagging many offers in hand then you have surely done a lot of good to yourself. But the most important work […]

Choosing a Law Field for Specialization

The decision of pursuing a law career is easier to make than deciding which area of law you wish to specialize in. A law student has many options to choose from and thus it can very confusing for him or her to choose a single field from so many areas. But it is suggested that […]

What You Need to Remember about Getting and Keeping Part Time Jobs

Whether you are a teenager who is looking for their first job or you are an adult who is looking for a bit of extra cash, you may find that a part time job is precisely what you want. A part time job does not have benefits, but it can usually be fit into your […]

Online Training: The New Age Mode of Education

These days you can find many distance learning programs that are especially suitable for working professionals. Such programs not just come in real handy but are quality ones as well providing diplomas and certificates. Irrespective of the fact whether you are looking for your first venture into corporate or going for an optional career path […]

Understanding the Recruitment Process

Recruitment refers to a process, whereby the qualified candidates are screened to ensure if they are capable for a specific job position. The professional recruiters are retained by some of the large sized and mid sized organizations. There are also external recruitment procedures whereby employees are selected from outside the organization. The recruitment industry says […]

Some Tips on Summer Jobs

For some kids, the summer is a fun break between school time, and they are eager to put responsibility behind them, even for just a short while. For some though, this can be a time when they are looking towards making money to buy a car, get some of those material possessions they’ve been wanting […]

Wrongful Dismissa

A wrongful termination is a legal phrase, which describes a situation when an employee is terminated by the employer on baseless grounds. It entails breaching of the employment terms and conditions and the contract. The wrongful dismissal varies in accordance with the terms and contracts of the concerned party. It also depends on a particular […]

Expanding Your Legal Career

Everyone wishes to take their attorney careers to their highest levels. They all want to make their dreams come true which can only be achieved through a bright, successful and rewarding legal career which has moved or rather crossed every step that is required to reach to the final destination of your career. Nobody wishes […]