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Recruitment refers to a process, whereby the qualified candidates are screened to ensure if they are capable for a specific job position. The professional recruiters are retained by some of the large sized and mid sized organizations. There are also external recruitment procedures whereby employees are selected from outside the organization. The recruitment industry says A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of is divided into four main categories. These are:

  • Recruitment website
  • Employment agencies
  • Professional recruitment
  • Headhunters” for professional and executive recruitment

There are several stages involved in the recruitment process and they are as follows:

  • Sourcing the candidates by method of advertisements or by means of other methods
  • Screening the candidates
  • Selecting the candidates who are potential through interviews and tests

There are on the whole four main types of recruiting agencies and they are mentioned below: A variety of recruitment agencies are traditional agencies with physical locations. The candidates visit these branches for interviews. The recruitment consultants labor to match the pool of candidates. Those candidates who are considered suitable are short listed. The short listed candidates are then sent for an interview with the employer who are potential enough on either a permanent or temporary basis says A. Harrison Barnes.

Compensation agencies are of different kinds. A contingency fee is paid by companies at the time the recommended job seeker accepts the job. A fee of about 12.5% is deduced from online, which comes with a guarantee of 30 to 90 days. Incase the candidate fails to perform, his jobs get terminated says A. Harrison Barnes. Companies also make advanced payment. This amount is totally nonrefundable and paid in full on the basis of the success and outcome. The high level executives and the headhunters are generally deemed for compensations of this kind. There are also arrangements of hourly compensation for those who are working on temporary basis. It is a pre-negotiated salary that is paid by the recruiter.

Another type of recruiter is called a “headhunter” who looks out for suitable candidates. These headhunters are even more aggressive than those of the in house recruiters. More advanced sales techniques are used by these headhunters. The various tactics made use of by these headhunters; include posing clients for attracting potential candidates, or visiting the offices of the candidates. The headhunters may also generate their own list or purchase expensive lists of names or job titles. The recruiters also make other arrangements such as preparing candidates for interviews, negotiate the salary offered, and carry out a closure on the search. The headhunters make time to visit trade shows, and overseas and homeland meetings. These are the associations that are commonly attended by hiring managers and potential candidates, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Headhunters earn huge amounts of money. At times their annual income is more than 30% of the prospective candidate’s annual income. As a result of the high payments, the headhunters are placed in the position of executive and managerial posts. These professional also recruit very specialized individuals like scientists, and related top level officials in this field. In house recruiters tend to attract candidates for specific areas. For this the recruiters are required to expand their professional network and cultivate relationships says A. Harrison Barnes. Apart from this, they are also required to maintain a database, acquire company directories, lists of candidates.

The steps involved in the entire recruitment process are as follows:

  • Incase there has been a new job opening, or incase a person has retired or achieved promotion, vacancies arises.
  • The vacancy details may be circulated in the newspaper or posted on the website.
  • The names of the candidates short listed are called for an interview. The job of short listing the candidates fall within the purview of the recruitment panel, those candidates who are considered to be qualified enough are and satisfies the requirement of the recruiter are called for an interview.
  • The candidates if they want can ask for feedbacks. The candidates must not complain that they have been treated unfairly. Feedbacks give them a clear idea on which grounds they have be rejected.
  • Thereafter, the interviews are held, the interview panel asks the same set of questions to all the job seekers. The fresher are however interviewed in a different manner. Those who are professionals and have work experience are interviewed to showcase their talents and bring into the forefront records of their previous achievements. These tend to impress the recruiter to a greater extent. The recruiters tend to look out for the necessary skills and abilities for handling the official chores, says A. Harrison Barnes.
  • Those selected in the interview are then sending for induction training programs.

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