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Vermont Law School has consistently ranked high among the best colleges, and especially its Environmental Law Program.  In fact, U.S. News & World Report has kept it ranked in the top two spots for years.  A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder of says it’s not only the largest graduate environmental law program in the U.S., but since its inception in 1978, it has been a world leader in some of the biggest environmental changes to date.  It is also on the technological cutting edge of all things related to the environment, such as sustainable development, global warming and clean energy policies.

The campus itself is impressive and is home to several fully operational research institutes, which allows it to really hone in on important global issues.  According to the school’s mission statement, graduates leave with a sense of obligation and civil responsibility to their planet.  With more than fifty courses in various environmental law subjects and a faculty that includes some of the world’s most renowned environmental leaders and researchers, policy makers and attorneys, it’s a very intense, yet rewarding program for anyone considering this important area of the legal profession.  Further, A. Harrison Barnes says this sector will continue to grow and branch out into other areas, such as the medical field.

For those considering this sector of law as a career choice, this is the school to set your sights on.  More than 500 databases, websites and research resources, along with anything else any law student could need is found within the Vermont program and on-site.  Located in South Royalton, Vermont, the incredible beauty found in this region of the country provides the ideal background.

Most recently, the Colloquium on Environmental Scholarship was established by the school and offers environmental scholars to present any of their current projects in an effort to gather feedback.  Scheduled for later this year, the colloquium promises to bring together students and masters with the shared commitment of protecting the planet and her resources.  The founder says it will cover two days, ensuring the efforts are all inclusive and serve their purposes.

Other opportunities made available to those who choose this facility include international and comparative law programs, which provide law students opportunities they might have never had otherwise.  The facility partners with other schools around the world to host externships and various research projects.  Some of these schools are located in England, France, Italy, China, Spain and many others.

While there are many schools across the country that offer environmental law programs, Vermont Law School is leading the way.   There are summer sessions available for those who need versatile class schedules, too.

Finally, because law firms place an especially strong emphasis on educational institutes, those graduating from Vermont Law School enter the job search with an advantage.

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