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BCGSearch has take attorney placement and recruiting far beyond what is expected of people. We all assume a certain level of professionalism and standards but BCGSearch sounds too good to be true. BCGSearch updates legal careers seven days a week throughout the entire year. Not one day goes by when BCGSearch doesn’t find at least one available position open to bring to the public’s attention. If you are sick and tired of your current legal employment then you should start your new life – and that is by investing in BCGSearch (you won’t be disappointed you did).

BCGSearch places attorneys inside law firms – that is BCGSearch only purpose. BCGSearch does not do in-house attorney placements, does not place contract attorneys, and does not place legal secretaries or paralegals. It is very important for a company (no matter what they sell, promote or manufacturer) to be up front on what they can’t and can do for their client. BCGSearch is straight forward and 100% honest in what is offered.

BCGSearch is headquartered in Pasadena, California, with offices throughout the United States. BCGSearch is CareerMission’s smallest attorney-placement company. BCGSearch prides itself on being the biggest, smallest guys on the block – and for good reason.

With the market taking a downward spiral over the last several years, BCGSearch has remarkably had success in the legal placement market despite the downward turn. What does this mean? This means that BCGSearch recruiters still maintain a certain level of commitment and dedication even when the market says “You should fail.” If BCGSearch can succeed when the market is down, what will happen when the market bubbles back again?

Harrison Barnes, Founder and CEO, of has done something quite amazing with the biggest, smallest company. Harrison Barneshas taken a simple idea that was previously done, legal recruitment and placement, and turned the volume way up on it to level that can’t be ignored. People have ideas all the time. Those who can take that idea and improve upon it are those individuals who have even greater success perhaps.

How much emphasis to you put on costumer service? A lot, a little, or none? You won’t have to worry about costumer service because BCGSearch has outstanding recruiters who will be your right-hand men (and women) to find you a quality legal career in your desired location if possible. Every company wants your business, but do they deserve it? There are many companies who want your money but don’t do everything possible they can to ensure you are taken care of in the best way possible. BCGSearch knows how to take care of you and will do so as long as it is necessary until you find your new legal career.

Harrison Barnes has developed a little monster that keeps growing and growing (BCGSearch). BCGSearch may not want to be the biggest attorney placement and recruitment company in the United States but it’s the best. You shouldn’t have to settle for a legal job you dislike (and perhaps even hate) any longer.

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