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Head hunters, popularly known as recruiters look after the recruitment process for an organization. They recruit absolutely anyone; from an executive to a truck driver depending on the organization. They help companies save a lot of their time and effort by simply finding them the right candidates. Firms now days prefer going directly to recruiters than to advertise at any job portals. Now since companies place so much trust in head hunters, what should you do to impress them? You just need to be at your best while dealing with a head hunter for they can provide you with the best job for your career growth. You can secure that perfect opportunity, if you can convince the head hunter that you are the person for the job.

According to A. Harrison Barnes, the owner and creator of, a recruiter or the headhunter spends not more than 15 seconds on your resume so you need to ensure that the time the recruiter takes to read your resume is enough to catch his attention. In fact 15 seconds are more than enough; as long as you ensure that your resume catches his/her eye within the first 5 seconds. Make sure that you follow the basic steps that are required to make your resume work so that it can impress the recruiter. If you do what A. Harrison Barnes suggests then you will surely see the results of your effort.

Firstly, using the right format for the resume is very essential. Be sure that your resume is in chronological format. It is the easiest way to attract the attention of the recruiter. They do not want to spend time on the complexities of your functional resume. A functional resume is not suggested by A. Harrison Barnes for it may create a doubt in the mind of the head hunter whether the candidate or the applier is not disclosing some vital information. You are not supposed to hide anything from them. If they get a single hint that you are trying to hide something then it will affect your opportunity with the headhunter. They will prefer someone else ahead of you.

Second, include quantifiable accomplishments; this is very important in catching the eye of headhunters. A recruiter gets commission when they recruit a law candidate at a certain legal organization. They work on a commission basis. So if they think that you have the potential to line their pocket, they will definitely try to market you to the firms who come up to them seeking for candidates. A. Harrison Barnes says that they help you secure employment not for free as their own interest lies in it. They will only help you if they find that you can help them back. It is a win-win situation for both the parties. So make sure that your legal resume consists of almost all the accomplishments that you have to place yourself at an advantage before the recruiters.

Third, try to add keywords to your resume. These are the words that the head hunters are looking for while scanning your resume. They have plenty of job openings to be filled in and if they identify a keyword in your resume they can easily forward you to the right legal employer

A. Harrison Barnes’s helps you to be your best by not only helping with your legal resume but also guiding you with the presentation of your resume before the law employer. You have to be at your best while dealing with a recruiter. A. Harrison Barnes says that you should not think of them as you’re your friend. Think of them more on the lines of the interviewer. Any false picture can portray will spoil your chances of getting a law job and having a good legal career. Do not make excuses with them, don’t show your anger on your present employer, accept your mistakes rather than blaming it on anyone else. You have to make them work for you and for doing that you have to be at your best.

You should have proper etiquettes while getting in contact with a headhunter, recommends A. Harrison Barnes. Mailing your resume to is the best option to get in touch with the best headhunters, for they spend most of their time calling the quality candidates. Once they think you to have the potential then they will call you. After the headhunter has given you a call, you can clear all your queries by asking him questions. Make sure that your questions are pertinent ones.

Recruiters or the head hunters of act as the third party between the candidate and the employer. So you should be at your best before the head hunter to get in touch with the right employer.

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