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Searching for a job is very demanding, confusing and a frustrating task. People spend hours searching for the right job for themselves, but the best way to get a job that suits you is to take the help of a professional recruiter. These recruiters are the best in their profession. They know what to do and how to do it in order to help job seekers get employed as soon as possible and that too in a good firm of their choice.

Recruiters, according to A. Harrison Barnes, are the best at their jobs. They help the candidate in every possible way they can – from searching for the right jobs to reviewing the resumes and preparing the paperwork, making the candidate aware of what to expect at the interview to help them choosing the right offer. Recruiters earn their living from the commission they get by helping the companies hire the right candidate for the job. His success lies in finding the right talent for the client company. So they keep in mind that they need a candidate who can help them earn money. It is a win-win situation for the candidate and the recruiter.

A. Harrison Barnes says that you should always remember that a recruiter is helping you secure your dream job to earn a living. This is the only way a recruiter can earn so he needs the right candidate who can get him what he wants. Thus it is important for you to present yourself, before the recruiter, as are the best candidate he would ever find for the opportunity he has. Not only do you have to portray that you are capable of doing the job but also move a step further by proving that you are assertive, focused and versatile. This way you can create the best impression in the mind of the recruiter.

This is why impressing a recruiter is very important says A. Harrison Barnes. The interviews that you face with them are difficult particularly for this reason. You need to prepare yourself for the interviews that you will give at the company you are applying for but also for the recruiter interview. You should always remember that they are the people who will help you get the job opportunity that will be your stepping stone to success in your career and in your future.

In order to make the everlasting impression in the mind of a recruiter you have to follow some basic steps.

Resumes and Cover Letters should Present You as Distinct: According to A. Harrison Barnes you have to present yourself as different from others who are in competition for the same position. Be complete with your accomplishments, your qualifications, your experiences and your personal skills. If you are successful in presenting it in the best possible way in your resume then it will give you an advantage over other candidates. You have to communicate to the recruiter that you unique.

Recruiters can easily identify general materials and lack of creativity in incomplete documents. Prepare your resume according to your specialized field; do not generalize it. Your resume will not be even looked at if it is not industry specific. So make sure that your resume and the cover letter are up to the mark.

Apply to Your Specialized Field: Recruiters get hundreds of resumes daily. They have to scrutinize them all according to the field the candidate belongs to. So make sure that you are clear with the choice of field you are interested in and convey the same to the recruiter. A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you only apply for positions that you are qualified for. This will not only save the time of the recruiter but will also save your own time. Help the recruiter to help you get the right job.

Wait for a Call from the Recruiter: Do not drop in at the recruiter’s office without prior appointment. A. Harrison Barnes asks the job seekers to wait for an invitation from them. This is very important because if you reach without any prior notice they may not like to meet you in the middle of their busy schedule. If you have an emergency then call them, fix an appointment and only then meet them.

Just make sure that you do not keep calling them if you were unable to get a particular job. As soon as they come across a suitable opportunity, they will inform you immediately. Have patience and deliver on what the recruiters are expecting from you. If you can present yourself the way the recruiters want, then you are surely helping yourself secure that opportunity you have been looking for.

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