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It has been observed since ages that people do not ask the right question at the right time. Rather than asking the right question, as per the situation, people end up asking irrelevant questions. The situation that we are in creates our perception and we react accordingly. But we have to make our approach clear in order to ask the right question. We have a particular impression of the world we live in and this determines our reaction and that which we give, determines our destiny.

Destiny is in your hands. It depends upon how you react on situations or challenges that come in your life – do you resign or do you complain, do you try to escape to a safer place or do you become unforgiving. It is all about how you react to it. You create your destiny by responding to the various conditions and circumstances that you face in your life.

A. Harrison Barnes of says that since your emotional state makes you respond to a particular situation, you should work on your personal growth as you need to improve continuously. The better you are able to grow; your response to the situation will be appropriate and beneficial. When you are not mature enough you tend to react like a child who begins to cry when he sees his mother leave home. For the ear that he might not see his mother again. But as he grows he understands that his parents will not leave him, they will return. So he stops reacting the way he does. He starts to grow emotionally and thus reacts accordingly. It is the same with you. When you grow emotionally you react in an appropriate manner and you also understand the situation well and accordingly give your response.

But there are a few people who refuse to grow and keep reacting in the same way throughout their lives. A. Harrison Barnes knows many who are stuck and do not grow emotionally. Their immature reactions and lack of interest to grow has held them back in their lives. They continue with the same old way and never wish to change. Your continuous reaction in the very same manner will make others believe that you have built yourself in such a way and not grown emotionally that your reactions will always be the same.

Emotional growth will make you have a different perception of the challenges you face in your life and you will not react in the same monotonous way. You will look for more possibilities and opportunities of the situations that occur around you. It helps you learn not only to resist but also to accept and understand the situation and have a matured reaction.

A. Harrison Barnes gives an example that if you, at any time, are hit with a bullet, the first question you will ask yourself is – who did it and why did it happen to me? But you will not ask yourself – how shall I relieve myself from this pain? We should learn to ask relevant questions which will give us a better understanding of the situation. We get upset or become judgmental or start asking the wrong questions or even come to wrong conclusions due to our lack of understanding.

We start to believe that we are cursed if we end up facing similar situations. But it is nothing but our lack of understanding which leads to a wrong perspective of the situation. This wrong perspective leads us to make wrong decisions or mistakes. The outcome of the situation is the result of our understanding and the perception that we have about it. Our wrong outcome will lead us to make wrong choices, says A. Harrison Barnes.

For example if you lose your job you will find yourself in a wrong job. Reacting either in a positive manner or negative manner is in your hands. Your reaction will allow you to determine the quality of life you want for yourself. If you want you can take this as a challenge and not get depressed by the situation or you can start smoking while staring at the television. It all depends what you want, how you want to shape up your life. Your future is related to the choices you make in your life.

A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you should learn to deal with the situations and not get depressed. You can take your legal career further in a better way by doing so.

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